Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Inspired by the newly circulating term FACEBRAG which refers to using your FB status updates to brag about or show off stuff, TNB came up with a few more terms that may aptly describe personalities, behaviors, and conditions observable in one of the world's most popular networking sites.

FACEBABE = ganda ng profile pic
FACEBACK = mag-reply
FACEBAROK = wrong grammar
FACEBARRAGE = sunod-sunod ang update
FACEBEEP = vague status
CUT AND FACE = nangongopya ng status
FACEBARF = lang kwenta
FACEBLAG! = pag tinamaan ka din sa quote
FACEBLEEP = puro mura
FACEBLINK = status too profound (Ano daw?)
FACEBLOG = haba ng status
FACELIFT = photoshop ang profile pic at embellished ang info
FACEBOO = announcing lovelife mistakes
FACEBONK = erotic comments exchange
FACEBREAK = tagal walang update
FACEBRIGADE = using FB to advocate something or make a call to action
FACEBRO = lalaking adik sa FB
FACEBUY = selling
FACEOFF = mapait na palitan ng comments
FACEOUT = mag-delete ng friend
FACETHELORD = religious


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